Cancer Education

Cancer education is crucial to both health care providers and cancer patients so that both groups can be aware of the latest information related to cancer care. We strive to offer physicians and other health care providers the highest quality education on cancer through our national conference, the Fall Foliage Cancer Conference, held in Asheville, NC every fall. The faculty at this conference are known experts in their fields and it attracts attendees from all over the country. We also offer smaller, more intimate community-based conferences on cancer topics of interest to the local area.

Cancer Screenings

In many cases, cancers that are caught early can be cured, and this is why we offer free screenings for various types of cancers throughout the year. In some cases, such as with colorectal cancers, cancers can actually be prevented. We therefore strongly encourage all people to follow national guidelines for cancer screening and attend our screening events. We also recommend that all young people, both boys and girls, receive the HPV vaccination. This important breakthrough prevents cervix, anal, vaginal, penis, throat and oral cavity cancers.

Patient Programs

Cancer is a very difficult disease to deal with, and many people benefit from emotional support throughout the process. Cancer support groups help people cope with the diagnosis by learning they are not alone in dealing with the disease, teaching patients to become empowered, getting insight on how to manage the disease, and ultimately take control over it. Our support groups have helped many patients negotiate their way through their diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer can be a devastating illness, not only because of the disease itself but also due to factors such as losing one’s hair or breast. Many patients who are already dealing with the financial consequences of a serious illness are not able to afford mastectomy products or wigs, and we support resource centers that provide these and other similar services to patients.

Financial Care to Overcome the Obstacles

Every year over 800,000 Americans are diagnosed with cancer. And every year, more and more Americans are beating the disease. That is the good news. The bad news is there is a segment of the population that, due to financial constraints, has challenges meeting out-of-pocket expenses related to the treatment they need.

A young mother recently diagnosed with breast cancer needs to hire a babysitter to care for her children while she travels to daily radiation therapy. For a family struggling to make ends meet, this unexpected expense is a serious hardship. 

A retired husband caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s disease needs to get to his weekly chemotherapy treatments but can’t leave his wife alone. Respite care is required, but their budget has no room for unplanned expenses. 

The specialist that can treat a woman’s rare form of cancer is thousands of miles away. Paying for airfare, not to mention hotel and food, is an overwhelming burden on the family budget.

These are the people 21st Century C.A.R.E. can help. This is what we do. For patients with urgent need, we provide assistance with incidental expenses related to cancer treatment. This allows the patient to put their focus where it belongs – on beating the disease.